Strictly Professional Relationships

June 29, 2020

By R.S. Thomas 

Content warning novel:

Contains scenes of sexual assault and one scene of graphic violence. 

Contains language and situations inappropriate for those under 18 years of age.

Content warning review:

Contains mention of LBGTQ and sexual tendencies.


This is RS Thomas’ first book. He describes himself as an author who tries to be different. He has succeeded in this book. 

This is a pansexual/romance/erotica novel. Jake, a bisexual exotic dancer, is desperate to follow his acting dreams in the big city. Struggling to pay his rent, he is approached with an offer for a huge amount of money. All he would have to do is act in an unconventional adult film with some interesting stipulations.

He meets a cast of vivid characters during the filming of the most eccentric movie he had ever been a part of. The movie runs the gamut of sexual appetites, everything from ménage à trois to BDSM and more. In multiple scenes, Jake re-evaluates himself, and who he has become in this situation. Will he ever, really be able, or want to leave this world behind?

The story grabs you right away. Descriptive characters and scenes, paint a vivid picture in the mind of the reader. It has helped me understand some sexual tendencies that I haven’t personally come into contact with. I would compare this book to the poly-sexuality of Laurell K. Hamilton, with the sexual tension of a gentle 50 Shades of Gray.

You can purchase this adults only romance at Amazon. 

RS Thomas bio: RS Thomas has been attempting to write fiction since grade school. Thomas was born in Oklahoma and now resides in Big Sky Country. Hobbies include music from the seventies and eighties, movies that nobody in their right mind ever heard of, and collecting all variety of off-color jokes. Thomas loves to read, has two dominants in the form of snotty cats, and got a C-minus in creative writing. For more information check out his author website, link below.