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Sex, Death, and Other Strange Ideas 

October 2020

by R.S. Thomas

Content warning: This book contains language and situations inappropriate for those under 18 years of age. 

Jo, a sexually adventurous heiress with an overbearing mother, moves from her apartment in California to a small city in Seattle, after her fiancé vanishes from her life without a trace. Finally giving into her mother, she agrees to live in an old, abandoned mansion; and discovers the house doesn’t seem as empty as it’s supposed to be. 

Dealing with multiple stresses, ranging from her controlling mother to a possible peeping tom, she relaxes the only way she knows how, with help from her drawer of toys - and an unsuspected guest. Reaching her first satisfying orgasm in a long time, she is determined to re-experience the sensations, and redoubles her efforts to control her dreams.

At last, she is able to enter her first lucid dream, and discovers her ideal sexual partner. There’s only one question: How much of Alex is a dream, and how much is actually him? With some help from a friendly young cam-girl, Jo is determined to find out.

I would consider this book to be an erotic ghost story. It is perfect for Halloween. R.S. Thomas has a wonderful ability to create vivid imagery in the reader’s mind. The nightmares, and ghostly encounters raised goosebumps along my arms, and I would love to learn lucid dreaming. Sex, Death, and Other Strange Ideas has both paranormal and humorous elements to keep you turning the page. I especially enjoyed the hidden jokes for his long time readers.

RS Thomas bio: RS Thomas has been attempting to write fiction since grade school. Thomas was born in Oklahoma and now resides in Big Sky Country. Hobbies include music from the seventies and eighties, movies that nobody in their right mind ever heard of, and collecting all variety of off color jokes. Thomas loves to read, has two dominants in the form of snotty cats, and got a C-minus in creative writing. For more information, check out his website.